Hello Queen! 
What is a Queen?  I know you are thinking of a country that is ruled by a Monarch, Royalty and/or King or Queen.  You are exactly right!  But recently I have heard the term used, posted and received by many for empowerment, encouragement and/or to just lift someone's spirits. That is a great thing, but what does it really take to be a Queen?  In the Bible, Esther was unknown until there was a problem and the King selected her to be the next Queen.  In my latest book, Queen, I highlight 20 Lessons that we can all learn from Queen Esther.  

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Meet the Author
Julia Royston spends her days doing what she loves, writing, publishing, speaking and coaching others to tell, introduce and create ways to deliver their stories and messages to the world. That is her “Why.” BK Royston Publishing LLC, Julia Royston.net, Royal Media and Publishing and Royston Book Fairs are the conduits that she and her husband, Brian Royston use to spread the love of reading, writing, books as well as build businesses around the world. To date, Julia has written 55 books, recorded 3 music CDs and Coached 150+ to write and publish more than 300 books as well as established their own businesses. She is the host of the “Live Your Best Life” at  http://www.liveyourbestlifewithroyston.com. For more information, follow her on social media or visit www.bkroystonpublishing.com or www.juliaroyston.net.
Julia A. Royston